What I'm Wearing Wednesdays

It is so stressful for me to pick fabulous outfits everyday. Would I stop? NEVER!
All I'm saying is, it's a lot of work to turn out awesome outfit day after day, and to keep giving you guys fresh looks. It's also a lot of money.
I'll admit, I have an aversion to wearing the same outfit twice. Especially if I've been photographed in it.
Then again, a lot of women are.

Today's look is actually a repeat, although most of you have probably never seen me the first time I wore it.
If it pleases the court, I did use a different bag with it this time.
Last time it was my school bag! @_@'
Today I did not feel like ironing (then again that's everyday) and I didn't feel like having to put together various articles of clothing either.
Power to the lazy people!
This dress comes from ModCloth and it was a gift!
I love, love, love this dress!
I've considered wearing it to work a few times but always thought it was too fancy.

So here is today's look!


I'm still amazed by the amazing quality of my camera!
Sometimes it gets distorted when I edit it but for the most part it's really awesome!

I can't wait to share my photos with you from sushi night!
And I still don't know what I'll be making for my friends this Saturday.
I'll figure something out.
Until then, Stay Fashionable!

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