What Is Important?


Ever feel like you’re running around on some tricked out treadmill with turbo boosters but you’re not really going anywhere? Ever feel so stressed out that you forget common courtesy? Like remembering to thank someone for a kindness, call a friend in need, or dare I say, take care of yourself?

 Yeah. We all know this too well.

 I was just reminded this morning that I’ve been on that damn treadmill. Sometimes it takes a call from someone you love to tell you that you are being a total idiot. I’ve been stressed and overwhelmed and it’s no one else’s fault except my own. See, I have this problem saying “No, thank you” to things that sound wonderful. There are so many opportunities to do cool things in this life that I want to do them all. I want to do them NOW! You would think that at 44 years of age I would have learned that stretching myself too thin doesn’t work. Well, I’m slow. I forget. I go back to old patterns. I see something new or hear about an opportunity and I jump at it with no regard (sometimes) of the repercussions. Then when I’ve got too much on my plate, I yell, “HELP!”

 It always amazes me how much suffering we cause ourselves with things like this. You may not be a crazed “yes” person like me, but you probably have that one thing about yourself that seems to always keep coming up for you. Like fear of failure, unhealthy obsessions (OMG, I have more than one thing! I’m obsessed with Starbucks!! Yipe!), negative thoughts, or whatever. It’s like no matter what you do to try and manage it, that THING comes up every time. I sometimes think I was put here on Earth to figure out how to say, “No thank you” and focus on what I’m doing. When I put that into actual words on the computer here it sounds stupid but it is amazingly hard for me to do in practice.

 My Dad called me today to check in with me since I hadn’t called to tell him we made it home safe from our vacation. Usually I do call but this time I didn’t. It’s been over a week. Understandably, he thought I was upset with him or that something was wrong. I wasn’t upset but something is wrong. I’m stressed. Overwhelmed. Lost my way and have forgotten what is most important. I’m so obsessed with trying to get my name out there and sell my new book that I’ve strayed far from why I write in the first place. To express myself and connect with other people.

 Writing this post has definitely helped me refocus. I will be saying “No thank you” and “I’m sorry I won’t be able to make it” a lot in the coming months. Thanks Dad.

 What is the one THING that keeps coming up for you in your life? How have you tried to get over it or manage it?



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