What inspires you?

Hey BlogHer readers,


I recently ventured over to the community section of this website (i'm kinda newish here) and loved the idea of this group! Sadly, it seems like it's been quiet for awhile.


In efforts to get some more life-affirming, positivity-sharing discussion going, thought I would start a thread (hope that's okay?). Here goes:


Q. What inspired you this week?

** It can be a person, a scene you stumbled upon, words someone spoke to you... let's share the things that keep the glass half-full!


I'll go first:

Went to my grandmother's house this week, were I spent a good chunk of my childhood, and got super nostalgic about seeing the backyard I grew up in. The tangerine tree I used to steal fruit from. The fence with the loopy-loops I used to climb. The smooth rocks I used to hold and turn over in my hand. It inspired me to stop and appreciate the small wonders around me, the way I did when I still had a child's set of eyes.





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