What I've Been Doing

      Okay.  It's been awhile since I've checked in here.  So long, in fact, that I couldn't remember my login name.  But I want to attempt the poem a day challenge so I figured I should practice writing here.  Also, I read a great blog by "A Girl and Her Glue Gun" (I think).  She is awesome and had suggestions for maintaining a blog.  Number one is to submit a post at least three times a week.  So I want to get accustomed to writing and then I'll post some of the crafts that I do with my grandchildren (and some I do all by myself).

     We have become chicken farmers so I may post about our ups and downs in that area.  My brother needed a home for two hens that his daughter had used for a science experiment (chickens can tell the difference between colors).  He had thought they would eat the birds when finished but she had named them (Bella and Rosalie - Argh...hate "Twilight") so they had to have a temporary home while they built a better chicken house (the tarp over the raised garden bed wasn't cutting it with his wife).  It has rained every day since the chickens arrived and we haven't finished their yard.  We ended up throwing a tarp over their coop (which we got from our daughter's in-laws) and we're waiting for drier weather so we can get out there and work.  The hens don't seem to mind; their coop is on stilts and they can come down the ramp (well, Rosalie tumbled down the ramp the first time but she's got it down now) and scratch around underneath their coop.  Fresh eggs are nice and the grandchildren love to gather the two eggs.  Although in the rain it's been a little dangerous; the grandson got soaked when the tarp slipped from my hands and the water came pouring off and down his back.  We've managed to get a nesting box in there, a light, food and water dishes and a roosting stick (or whatever its called). 

      Took my daughter and three grandchildren to see "The Lorax" this afternoon.  The 3D effects were pretty good.  You never know if its going to be worth the extra money and this on was. The four year old was bored near the end (94 minutes) but the 8 year old and 10 year old enjoyed the whole thing.

      Thinking about doing a fun run tomorrow.  It is the only day when the rain is supposed to slow down so I think I can squeeze in a 10K run in the morning.  I really don't mind the rain if the temperature is bearable.


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