what i've learned from blogging

what i've learned from blogging

If you asked me a few years ago if I thought I'd ever think I'd have a blog I probably would've laughed and made some comment that it was only for self-important people who think everyone cares about their opinions. But then I started reading some blogs and found a wealth of information and some awesome bloggers.
In my about 1.5 years of blogging, I have learned a lot - about myself, the blogging world and blogging in general. Here's just a few of the things I've learned - 
1. Bloggers aren't self-important jerks or weirdos. A lot of them want to share their knowledge, connect with other bloggers or just write about their thoughts and lives. I never thought I'd be interested in the lives of strangers (or that they'd be interested in mine), but it's happened and it's awesome.
2. Bloggers aren't all mean girls. We all know the internet is full of spam and bullies and trolls and porn and scams and predators, etc. So I was a little scared to put myself out there in the blogging world. I expected a million spammy comments telling me I was dumb/ugly/lame/stinky/whatever. But shockingly I've only have one really mean comment (so far at least) so I would say that's a win. Oh and other bloggers aren't all the bitchy cool girls from high school like I was expecting. I'm shocked at all the supportive, smart and amazing bloggy ladies that I have met.
3. There are niche blogs and there are "lifestyle" blogs. I intended to be a niche blogger in home design/diy, but then I quickly felt out of my league. There are some seriously amazing awesome home/diy bloggers and I love to read them but know I'm not at that level right now. So somehow I ended up being a "lifestyle" blogger? I think? I mean, I write about a little bit of everything. Sometimes I feel pressured to make my blog fit into a niche but then that sounds like a lot of work and I give up. Oops.
4. My wardrobe is severely lacking. I love checking out fashion blogs and getting inspiration. I probably incorporate about 1% of all of the things I've learned into my life but hey that's better than 0%.
5. My pugs are more popular than me. I probably already knew that but it seems like a cute photo of your pet on your blog or any social media outlet will get more favorites/likes/comments than nearly anything else. Or maybe that's just me... 
6. I'm missing the "bride gene." I have been engaged for just over one year and am getting married this September. I think I've posted about my engagement and upcoming wedding (including a post about how I didn't even want to have a wedding) maybe like 5 times. Oops. I seriously am excited about getting married and the wedding. Buuuuut I don't want to plan it and have been super lazy doing all the bride-y things I'm supposed to do. I don't care about themes or colors or bridesmaids dresses or what kind of shoes Jarrod wears or favors or any of that. I basically want a fun party with me in a pretty dress and some super gaudily painted nails. Like maybe with jewels. David Tutera would want to punch me.
7. Fancy cameras/photos are important. I bit the bullet and got a dslr in the fall and kinda/sorta learned to use it. I'm working on taking better photos because I know they're important. I know I judge when I see some not so great photos so I don't want my readers doing the same. 
8. I'm old. I swear most of the bloggers I read are in their 20s and I am going to use this opportunity to tell you all that that's rude and you'll be 31 one day too. Boooo to youth (only because mine is partially behind me). 
9. Free stuff is cool. It's taken me a long time, lots of work and a good amount of money invested in my blog but finally I'm started to see some income from this little bloggy. So I guess that isn't really "free stuff." But there are some blogging perks and since my day job isn't the most thrilling, I'll take any perks I can get. 
10. Acceptance. I've put out some random stuff into the blogosphere - about being disappointed, depressed, happy, annoyed or whatever. But no matter what I feel accepted because at least one person (but usually many people) will say they've been there or they're dealing with something similar. Plus blogging is kinda weird so it's nice to have other weird bloggers who "get it." 

So thanks for coming to this place and getting me. 

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