What Extreme Sports and Dangerous Activities Would You Be Too Scared to Do?

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Are you a daredevil? Have you ever been fond of extreme sports or crazy stunts? Before I was a mom, I had been white-water river rafting up to Level 4 conditions. That means if you fall out, you might not die -- but don't fall out. I had also been in an open-cockpit, two-seater biplane doing wing rolls over the Pacific Ocean. I loved it, and never even screamed once.

Today I hyperventilate if I'm in a commercial aircraft that hits turbulence. And I don't like driving over tall bridges. And I'm scared of bees. What the heck happened? All my daredevil tendencies flew out the window after my son was born. He became the brave one at some point, and when he was growing up he would draw puppets on the airline barf bags to distract me from my white-knuckle turbulence terror.

How about you? Would you do an extreme sport? Would you pick up a scary animal on a dare? What dangerous thing would you simply refuse to do, even for a million dollars? Tell us on this week's opinion poll. And if you have done any brave stunts, we certainly want to hear about them in the comments section below.



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