Which Wild Animals Have You Spotted in Your Own Backyard?

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Spring has almost sprung and that means it's time to start spotting the "critters" that might be visiting your backyard. Whether you live in the city, the suburbs or out in the country, there's always a chance to get in touch with your inner Ellie May and witness the wonder of our furred and feathered friends. Spotting wildlife helps us recognize that the environment is healthy and functioning. When Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring in 1962, she envisioned the horror of a world without any song birds, because they had been wiped out through chemicals like DDT. Today, even people who live in New York City can enjoy bird watching in Central Park or spot the the red-tailed hawks who build their nests in skyscrapers. Appreciation for the natural world seems to thankfully be a part of our evolution as human beings.

What kinds of animals have you spotted in your own backyard? I have a clever squirrel in mine who uses his tiny little hands to open up my bird feeder and grab all the peanuts. How about you? Pick from the list below, or write in your own. We particularly want to hear about exotic animals, and be specific. I'm hoping some of our Florida BlogHer community members might have a story about a gator!




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