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I love it when I open my feed reader to find that one of my favorite bloggers, who hasn't been blogging as frequently lately, has posted something new. Not that I'm judging. My blog has been missing me a lot as of late. I'm just saying. I love it even more when said blogger announces in their new post that they have just launched a new lesbian web series. It makes my day actually, when that happens. Especially since there was a promised to the pervs like me that there would be some hot girl-on-girl action. I mean let's be honest here, when I saw the words hot girl-on-girl action, I stopped reading, and skipped directly to clicking the link.

Oh, so you probably want to know who I'm talking about, right? Well, I'm talking about Rosemary Rowe, aka Creampuff, of Creampuff Revolution. She and her good friend Renee Olbert, who stars as the lead, put their creative noggins together and came up with the new web series Seeking Simone. Seeking Simone tells one girl's tales of navigating online dating in gay Toronto, while acclimating to a new city and trying to get over an ex. The first two episodes are pretty excellent, even if the promise of hot girl-on-girl action was not fulfilled. Not to worry though, judging from the trailer it looks looks as if she will make good on her word. And if the trailer still doesn't convince you, then maybe you should know that one of the reasons Renee wanted to make this series is because she always wanted to star in a role where she got to make out with hot girls.

I've been told, there will 10 episodes in season 1. As of now, two episodes have been released, three episodes are in editing, and five episodes are in storyboarding. How long between episodes, and then between seasons, I don't know. I'm sure it must be exhausting to make a web series, and especially on a shoestring budget on your own dime. So, I don't expect weekly webisodes, though it would be nice.

So I started thinking, what other web series might be out there? It had never really occurred to me to that an LGBT web series might actually exist. I know, I know. What rock did I just crawl out from under, right? It was a nice cozy one, OK? Anyway, I rummaged through Cherry Grrl, After Ellen, and One More Lesbian, and found quite a few good web series to check out. You know, in case you don't come out from under your rock all that often either. Here are a few I think look interesting: B.J. Fletcher Private Eye; Anyone But Me; We Have to Stop Now; FEED; 3Way; and Girltrash!.

B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye is about a PI who wishes for more interesting cases, and her best friend, Georgia, who Fletcher talks into being her assistant. Cherry girl has a great interview, Case Closed-"BJ Fletcher:Private Eye" is a hit, with the Creator, Writer, Director, Executive Producer, Regan Latimer, and with the Associate Producer Rochelle Dancel.

Anyone But Me is a coming of age story. It's about a group of gay and straight friends finding their way in a post 9/11 world. It's about falling in love, coming out-or not, long distance relationships, making your way in a new place, belonging, not belonging...you know, it's about being a teenager. You might also check out SheWired's interview with Nicole Pancent, who plays one of the lesbians in a long distance relationship. She also happens to be a lesbian in real life.

We Have to Stop Now , is about a lesbian couple, who are struggling to make their not so good relationship look solid for a documentary about them. They are featured in the documentary thanks to the success of their book, "How to Succeed at Marriage Without Even Trying."

FEED is about Maura Knight, ex- reality TV producer, now waitress. But is she really an ex-reality TV producer. After catching an attack on camera after hours at the restaurant where she worked, she decided to post the video online. She ends up on the run, and as the head of a small vigilante group of journalist working to expose corruption, if their love triangles don't take them down first.

3Way Is about one straight women who after divorcing her husband, asks her best friend, a lesbian, to move in with her. A week later, the lesbian best friend has her new girlfriend move in with the two of them. Then the lesbian best friend's ex ends up in the mix too. Fun follows, as one can imagine.

Girltrash! It's a show about 5 girls; the tough girls, the gang bangers, and the con-artist, getting by in the criminal underworld. Just who will they double-cross? Rumors have been confirmed at After Ellen, by Angela Robinson(writer and director of Girltrash!), that this short series is going to be turned into a movie.

So, these are the few web series I came across that I thought looked good. Do you have a favorite web series or two?  And how in the world do you make series plural?


Zoe is a BlogHer Contributing Editor (Life-GLBT). She also blogs about her everyday life most ordinary, at gaymo.


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