What is Love?

Love is a many splendored thing.

Love me like a rock, oh baby she love me.

Love for sale, old love, new love, anything but true love

The love boat.

Love me tender.

I'm just a love machine, and I won’t work for nobody but you, ooooh oooh yeah.

All you need is love.

Is that true?

 What is love? Bette Midler says its like a razor, a river, a hunger, a seed and a flower. oh, and an endless aching need.

 the last one I get, but the others?

Can’t buy me love.

Love, you didnt do right by me.

Can love do you wrong?

 does love break our hearts, or make them whole?

Do you love me? Do you love me? Now that I can dance.

The singer who sang Loverman, also sang Sinnerman.

Love is in the air.

Does love have a smell?

Cupid is an enduring symbol of love.

 I dont get that.

 Why would a fat naked baby mean love? And arrows hurt! Is that it? Love hurts?

Speaking of Cupid, I have a funny story.

Years ago my sister had gotten married to a fireman. We hadn't met him yet and they were coming to visit so he could meet the parents.

My Dad and stepmom threw a little "Welcome to the Family" party. My Stepmom, in the spirit of romance hired Cupid to come, he is kind of like a singing telegram, but he doesnt sing. Anyway, he pulls up in his red and pink van and skips up the steps. Until then I hadn't realized that Cupid was NOT a fat baby! Here was Cupid in the flesh, and WHAT A CUPID!

My sisters new husband looked a little afraid. Cupid is actually a short, 40 something, chubby guy with curly hair, pink heart shaped glasses, a tight pink shirt, red satin diapers, pink tights and red leather boots!

He had a bow and strapped to his back was a purple, pink stitched quiver with two heart shaped arrows with 'Bobbie' and 'Mark' spelled out in glitter.

Cupid flounced all around us calling out in his sing-songy Richard Simmons voice, "Bobbieeeee.........Markieeeeee.......

I think mark really wanted to hide, or make a break for it, but really, he'd just met us, how would look??

 In a few minutes he would be wishing he'd thrown caution to the wind and run like hell!!!

Cupid, of course, found out who the victims, sorry, I meant lovers, were, and danced gleefully around them.

 We were all laughing, probably with a bit of relief that it wasn't us.

After making a show of shooting Bobbie in the heart, he turned to Mark,who had that deer in the headlights look. He probably wished he was a dead deer so that the scary little man in the fairy tights would leave him alone.

you have to understand, this was 20 years ago, he was a quiet, manly-man fire fighter, and they were from Washington state, there are no guys like Cupid in your local tavern in Spokane.

We thought it was hilarious.

 We are mean.

Cupid wanted to shoot Mark with the arrow, but he wanted him to bend over first. I can tell you from Marks horrified look, that the very last thing he was going to do was turn his Posterior toward the  little man wearing pink and red.

 So Cupid finally shot him in the arm and should have left, but someone gave him a glass of wine (we are so polite). He wanted to stay and eat too, but we finally got him out the door, and by then, on his very, merry way.


Mark and Bobbie did not come to visit for a long time.


Mark loved her , but I don't think he ever loved us, he was quiet, and perhaps suspicious that we were going to pull something on him again.

I still get a good laugh when i think of that day.

So, anyway, whats love got to do with it?

What is love?

All these love songs, and even Cupid (!), cant give me the words to describe it.

So, here is what I came up with- Love is sticky morning waffle kisses, love is when you smack them on the butt when they run in the street, Love is when you are so proud, your heart hurts, Love is when your best friend, and your husband, send you flowers when your puppy dies, Love is when the things that irritate the crap out of you today, make you smile tomorrow.

Those are some things that mean love to me.

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