What Makes Up A Friend For Life?

Throughout your life you will have friends, acquaintances, and work associates come in and out of your life.  These are the people you call or converse with when things are going well and life is fine.  They make life bearable and give you a social sphere throughout your day.  They are meaningful in that most people like some form of social interactions daily and these people fill this requirement.

Then there are the individuals with whom you meet that touch your life and remain with you


Friends Talking

 always.  We call them “lifers.”  This is someone who starts off as a friend and slowly over time becomes part of your family.  This is a person who you want to call or text first thing in the morning and/or throughout the day.  They laugh at your jokes, make you feel special, important, loved as well as calling you out when you say something stupid or behave badly. This is the friend who you call when things are good as well as when things are troubling or  Friends basketball

going very wrong in your life.  They are yourchampions, your cheerleaders as well as the person who puts you in your place when you are being unreasonable, selfish, a jerk or are just not seeing things clearly.  A “lifer” knows your family very well and considers them part of their family.  They love your kids, want the best for them and they offer you guidance when needed in raising them. 

It is important to know that a “lifer” will hurt and disappoint you throughout your friendship and vice versa.  You will in actuality at times fight, get mad, hate each other, want to break off the friendship and in your anger their foibles will be illuminated making it difficult to see the good in the other person.  This is when the relationship is tested and proven to stand above all other friendships…does it prevail?  Is the friendship worth working through the tough times?  The answer is simple, if your life is richer, fuller and overall better because you have this person as a close friend then the answer is yes.  If you want to know them forever and have them in your corner to go through life with then the answer is yes.  You may need time to heal after a bad fight but with a “lifer” you will heal, forgive and both of you will see the errors of your ways. 

Friend quote

We hope that all of our readers have one or two “lifers” to go through life’s journey with.  A loving family is important but almost equally important are the friends you choose to keep close in your heart to go through life with.  Even in writing this blog, we think of the special people whom we wouldn’t want to live without…we hope you know who you are.

~ T2B


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