What Makes a Good Employer?

I find this an interesting topic. I am a HR major in university. I am extremely interested in human rights, employee rights, & everything human resources.

Today, a friend & I were talking about our trials & tribulations with various employers. He was telling me about a pretty horrifying interview he had, about women in his trade, about the lack of benefits with some larger companies - which brought me to the thought:

What makes a good employer?
What makes you want to work for a certain company?
What makes an employee stay with a company?
Do you "love" your job?
Would you take a lesser wage at your job?
Does your job provide benefits? If so, would you like more? Do you get regular wage increases?
Do you get the recognition you deserve?

I'd love to know. I hope many, many people answer this. Maybe I can take this into my new career & change something.
Because we spend 1/3 of our days working. So why not get to the bottom of it?

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