What Makes a Good Mom Anyway?

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My youngest son has taken to telling me that I’m his favorite mommy. That’s good. I’m also his only mommy, so there’s that. It got me to thinking recently, that since I’m the only mom they have, they really don’t know if I’m a fantastic mom or a crappy mom or something in between. (It’s more the in between.) I thought that would be an interesting concept to explore during our More than Mother’s Day celebration -- and wouldn’t you know it, someone submitted a post talking about just that very thing!

Heather at Creative Family Moments made me giggle and pause as she shared a conversation her kids had about what makes a good mom.

The Other Side of the PaperIt’s always fun to walk into the middle of a conversation. Yesterday, I walked into the kitchen and could overhear my two youngest discussing the qualities of a good mom. I had to eavesdrop! Don’t judge; you know you would’ve too!

“She has to love.”

“Duh,” the other said. “Of course.”

“And no spankings,” the first added. “But she needs to be able to yell without shouting and be really good at saying their name.”

“Yeah.” He takes a deep breath and then proceeds to demonstrate: “DAVID JOHN CARTER, you are grounded until I lose my memory!”

It makes me wonder what my kids would say makes a good mom... but I don’t quite have the courage to ask! Though, I'll be honest: I've got the full name yelling thing down. And yes, my son with a one-syllable middle name is easier to yell than the son who has three syllables in his middle name... but the longer name means for longer yelling which may or may not make me feel better sometimes!

What makes you a good mom -- and what do your kids think? Do those things mesh?

We’ll be celebrating More than Mother’s Day through May 13th, so submit your posts now. You can learn more here.


Family Section Editor Jenna Hatfield (@FireMom) blogs at Stop, Drop and Blog and The Chronicles of Munchkin Land. She is an editor, writer and photographer.

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