What Makes Me Special: As Told By My Son

In honor of Mother's Day I did what mothers do on a regular basis. Clean, buy groceries, and prepare whatever we need to survive one more school week. It was a regular weekend for me, except for The Happy Boy's gift: a bracelet made by him, and THIS:

As you all can see, I have a smart ass in the house. I can't lie, I did felt a little offended while reading his responses. How does he dare to say that speaking spanish is what makes me special and that I am the best at watching TV?! Come on! I do a sh*tload of things for him and this is how he pays me? *Sight*


While carefully reading each of his responses, this is what came through my mind:

My mom is special to me because she speaks spanish.

For those of you who don't know, we just moved to Texas less than two years ago, before that we were living in Mexico so The Happy Boy speaks a perfect spanish. Saying that speaking spanish makes me special is the same as saying I am special because I pee. 

 When I am with my mom, we like to go to the park.

Ok, so maybe we do LIKE to go, but that doesn't mean we actually go. Maybe he thought "if I respond this, my mom will feel bad and we will go more often to the park" and I will admit it, it worked. At least he made me feel bad about it (for around 5 minutes), I don't know about the part of taking him more often. We'll see if his plan works.

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