What makes you a good mother?

Last week doing my daily Facebook rounds I saw Mama Knows It All send out that they chose to have a baby so they are choosing to be a good mom. Nothing wrong with that at all. Motherhood is much like marriage. You chose every day how you are going to interact with that husband or that kid right?

But it got me wondering, how do you know you are a good mom? And is it bigger than choosing to be a good mom?

What happens when you  play with play-doh & bake cookies, build forts & play dress up & you still end up with a "bad kid"? Did you still do it all wrong or did you just draw the short end of the stick when God passes out babies? Would you/Could you still say within yourself "I was a good mother?"

 Or it possible that what makes you a good mother is your ability to try? E for effort? If you can turn in at night and say "I did the very best that I could even though milk spilled, soda was drank, hitting happened. I did tried." 

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