What is the Meaning of Life?

Well, I can only speak for myself. The bottom line is this: my story is not big enough to live for. Not significant enough. Is it worth spending my whole life building this existence for myself, that is only about me? That only reaches as far as I myself am able to extend it? That ends when I die? Ironically, I am the limiting factor, the weak link, in my own story.

If I live for me, what I do dies with me. Maybe I did some good in the world - went on a few missions trips, helped some kids graduate high school, volunteered at soup kitchens. Those things are wonderful and admirable, but eventually, even those people will die. What I've done still lives and then dies with me.

Being a part of God's story means that what I do matters for eternity. Forever. It outlives me. Every action performed playing my role in His Story has ripple effects in eternity. And He has thought me significant enough to assign me a part in this magnificent narrative; I actually get to play a part in a story that actually means something - not just here and now, but forever.

I won't lie; this has serious implications, this cashing it all in to be a part of His story. It means we stop insisting on our own way. We stop trying to manipulate and strive and strategize to get life to work out exactly how we want it to. We really do hand over all of our desires and wishes and dreams and let Him determine which ones He wants to become realities in our lives. I get it - this is scary and unknown and unpredictable.

But in all honesty, isn't life scary and unknown and unpredictable anyway? Isn't it better to know that a powerful, sovereign, benevolent, loving-to-the-moon-and-back God has the pen rather than chance or even our own, limited selves? A God so loving that He actually sent His Son to be a part of our messy story? And that He actually promises us that He makes all the details of our lives come together for our good? Where else are you going to get a guarantee like that?

Being a part of His Story - this is really the meaning of life. This is really what it means to follow God. Our society can't really understand this kind of abandonment and relinquishment of ourselves. It sounds self-deprecating, unhealthy, and by God, unAmerican. Why in the world would we do this?

Because He can be trusted.

Because He is good.

Because He's already proven His commitment to us.

Because He really, really is worth it.  

[Photo credit: Anthony Litterio via Wikimedia]


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