What men most appreciate in a woman?

Those who think that you must be a "Super woman" to attract the male.
Advise of experts: authenticity and balance all of these qualities it's guaranteeing of a healthy and enjoyable relationship for both parties.a poll done by 500 Brazilian mens shows that fidelity is the main requirement pointed by netizens, with 40% of the votes. Intelligence  and humor were in second place, tied with 25%, and sensuality in last, with 10% of the votes.

There is always the shadow that the other can be better and more powerful. "If the woman is involved with another men, he no longer believes that she loves him and will think  he cannot rely on women no more, taxing them as switchers and disguised," explainations, the psychologists believed that,, fidelity remains important in relations, but the concept has been changing in recent years.

"Fidelity, today, does not refer only to sexual intercourse, but a couple's intimate contract for companionship,"
 Fidelity in Postmodernity, as defines the psychologists, must be understood by the         connection between  men and women regardless of social and cultural rules.

Intelligence also is attraction to men who want a partner that will help him in achieving their life projects.

"The man who appreciates intelligent woman seeks to divide the burden and responsibilities knowing that as sole providers will have less chances of coming out winners. The idea is to add.
Not infrequently, the man who seeks intelligent women are curious to know what they think, how they live and how they deal with work and recognition.
 "Intelligence generates freedom and independence that attract," We can say that man is discovering a "new woman ", one that appreciates and is not afraid to occupy his space.
It's a change of  positive behavior for both.


Not only "big butts","big tits" or "jennifer lopez"lives on imaginary men's world.
 At least it's what therapists affirm.
Sensuality, mystery, and  games are also important factors.
Sensuality,are not necessarily explicit sexuality,it's a  female  attribute that men secure in himself seek.. When associated with femininity, causes them to turn their own masculinity. The woman has the power to develop in a man the feeling of being more virile.

The woman with self-esteem on track ,can put the physical attributes, regardless if they are in the standards dictated by the media.
"Today, woman's  invite the man into a special program, exposing the beauty of their body without having to appeal to the vulgarity and are leaving the modesty aside,"
 Fortunately, even with the overvaluation of the body, ass, tits and others parts of the body,are not items of attraction to men who want to keep serious relationships.
"The intelligent woman can explore the world and no longer be exploited,"

says the psychologist.

.Good humor is great ingredient
Nothing like having beside a pleasant company, always humorous and not put obstacle to invitations and much less spend hours shooting criticism and martyring.

The good humor from both  man and woman, makes the relationship more pleasurable and, along with other components, it is vital to ensure the success of a life together. Most of the men complain that women are much collector, demanding and sometimes do not realize that spoil the routine with their emotional fluctuations.


 "The mood softens and creates a climate of harmony that only improves an affective relationship",It is common to hear comments from all sides, that life is not easy.
When the bad mood is present, then everything gets worse. "Joy has relaxing therapeutic effect.

Live in a good mood is much more pleasurable ".
A woman willing to small talk from time to time is not ignoring the seriousness. Unlike, is proving that she can be valued in all  dimensions.

In bed
The way a woman sets her sexual relationship as well guides the man's interest.
Woman are the responsible,for "transforms"the men in "good in bed", so they continue to appreciate such aspect. "Men which are more closed, can expect that  a women will make him feel more relaxed. The modest may consider them as vulgar. There are a Infinity of behaviors to determine a relationship, "says the psychologist.
The psychologist also emphasizes that even when they are allowing woman to take initiative in bed, the men needs to feel active. "They do do not want the feeling of be with a woman man "


But we know we're in control.
  girls.......  :-)

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