What Men Want From Women (It's not what you think!)

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So what do guys look for in a girl for a realistic relationship?
The changes in society also brought changes to gender roles and sometimes it can be confusing for a man and woman to know what to do. But regardless of these changes,  men still want a woman who can 'support' them.

To take the more politically safe way, emulating a healthy balance of masculine and feminine character traits is a good start for couples in a relationship. Being well rounded in both masculine and feminine gives flexibility and sparks creativity. Those who understand this seem to know magically how to captivate one of the opposite sex. They're good conversationalists.

But if  good is not enough for you, and you want to be great. Then it's time to be controversial and politically incorrect.  Men do enjoy a woman's super-feminine side. Make being prissy, delicate, and sexy a fun, flirty game. Color your nails nice and bright once in a while. Go shopping for a new outfit. Whatever you do, don't be like his mom. Be more like his girlfriend. And see what happens!

And in actuality, when we are in love, nothing really matters. The most boring  things can be an adventure. It's that good mood we're in that helps us gloss over all the less desirable traits of our partner and allows us to see our fascinating prince/princess. So often we get caught up in our own perspective, and feeling lovey dovey that we forget to plan for the long term. Does your man have a future? Are you capable of supporting your man through the ups and downs when the honeymoon is over? How are all the pricey expenditures going to be paid? You need to know what you want to do for the future, independent of your man because if it's a bad boy you got and he gets bored, he could always be gone just as fast as he arrived!

The point is, a lot of men like to just have fun. And often times it's this rash behavior that gets them in trouble if they are not thinking about the long term. The main message here is, DO enjoy your time with your man. But also be a mother 'behind the scenes' and prod him to plan for the future. Your babies will thank you for this. Or not!



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