What is a Meniscus Tear?

Have you ever heard of a Meniscus Tear? Well, I hadn't until today. Yesterday, Mom got up to go to the restroom and afterwards, her knee got an incredibly sharp cramp and she had no idea where it came from. So, I told her that we would go to the doctor the next morning. I was able to get her worked in and we went to the doctor. The Doctor checked Mom out and asked her a few questions. Then, she told that she was concerned that it might be a Meniscus tear. I had never of such a thing. But, we got home, I looked up Menicus tear on the internet. And here's what I found.

According to WebMd. com, a Meniscus tear is often times a sport related injury. It is an injury that can abruptly hinder your mobility and is ridiculously painful. A Meniscus tear is when the tissue that surrounds your knee, tears away from it. This can happen, simply by making an awkward step or a twist or the knee, and the tissue can tear right away. And this, is quite a common injury. 

Symptoms are: Severe pain in the knee, swelling,  a popping feeling when it happens, difficulty with straightening and bending your knee and your knee can lock up on you and get a 'stuck' sensation. 

(For more information on this, log onto http://www.webmd.com/fitness-exercise/meniscustear)

Ways to help it heal: Is getting plenty of rest, putting ice on your knee, staying off of it and putting as little weight on it as possible. 

This can be a serious injury and most of the time, it can be seen with an MRI. But, other times, it requires surgery. 

Well tomorrow, Mom goes in for her MRI. Fortunately, she's moving a little better than she was this morning and a lot better than she was, yesterday. So, I pray that everything will work out well. 

It is amazing how many things are out there in the medical field, that many, if any of us,  knows about. There's a lot out there for us to learn about. Just like those who watch Dr. Oz and watch all of these educational health shows. Is there any health information and facts that you know that people may not know about? Please share it with us!


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