What Moms Must Know About The Internet

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[Editor's note: All I need to say about this post is that its usefulness extends FAR past the end of the Casey Anthony (who?) trial. So consider this an important public service announcement, and share and Tweet accordingly. Help make the internet a safe place for mothers to play.—Stacy]

The Giant Internet Hand of Spanking

Did you know that it is possible to:

  1. Feel uncomfortable in seasonal heat, and
  2. Realize that people in other professions/states/countries feel heat that is more intense or more oft-felt, and
  3. Nevertheless wish to complain/marvel about one's own heat experience?
  4. The Giant Internet Hand of Spanking does not know this.

    Read the rest of this great wisdom. (And if you're not laughing, we can't be friends.—Stacy)

    woman shocked by the Internet

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