What Is My Adult Toy Made Of?

The good news is elastomer doesn’t really smell like much of anything. It’s also hypoallergenic and can be used with both silicone and water-based lubes. The bad news is that they are porous– so again, if you are going to be sharing them with a partner, use a condom.

You can tell if your toy is made of elastomers if it is transparent, but harder than your typical jelly toy, and odorless.  They also tend to run cheaper than silicone but more expensive than TPR toys.

Our best-selling elastomer vibrator is the Elastomer Rabbit Habit!


Jenna Haze’s Vibrating Vagina


An alternative to latex, CyberSkin is most often found in realistic vagina toys and male masturbators. It is softer than latex and easier to clean, but it is still porous and should not be shared with a partner unless a condom is used. CyberSkin in particular should not be used with oil-based or silicone-based lubricants, as these lubes can melt the material. Water is always the best option when it comes to CyberSkin.

CyberSkin is a form of elastomer, so it’s safe and FDA-approved, although it can sometimes come as a mixture of other things. If you have a bad reaction, stop using it. Sometimes, too, CyberSkin will start to breakdown if it goes unused for too long. A light dusting of cornstarch will stop that.

Many male adult toys, like Jenna Haze’s Vibrating Vagina, are made of CyberSkin.


nJoy Pure Wand

Glass or Steel

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to tell when your toy is made of glass and steel. These toys are among the safest to use– they aren’t porous, they’re usually hypoallergenic (unless you have a metal allergy), plus they’re easy to clean and can withstand some serious temperatures. Sometimes, companies might use fillers when making glass toys. You can tell if they’re real, medical-grade glass by once again, looking at the price. The more expensive they are, the better quality.

For a steel toy, you can’t beat the reviews on our nJoy Pure Wand!



You won’t find a toy that’s made entirely out of phthalates, but they are often an ingredient in some of those mixed toys, like the fake-silicone ones. Phthalates are a chemical used to soften PVC vinyls, another common material used in toys like the jellies. They are present in a lot of things– from sandwich bags to nail polish to tub caulking. In fact, we’re exposed to phthalates constantly in our daily lives.

The problem comes with inserting them into your body. People who have sensitive skin may feel a bad burning when they use a toy with phthalates. Even those who don’t feel the burn can have negative effects. The long-term use of adult toys with phthalates has not been studied, but it’s never a good idea to put something so toxic into your body.

If you’re worried your toy may have phthalates, the best thing you can do is give it a thorough sniffing. Phthalates carry a strong chemical smell– the more it smells, the worse off it is. Again, you can also tell based off of how cheap it is as using phthalates to soften PVC is cheaper than using silicone or other approved products.

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