What the New Home Birth Study Doesn't Tell You

Just something short and sweet today since there is so much hoopla over this new “Homebirth Study”.  Major problem I see with it?  It is not focused on planned home births with medical professionals which has been shown to be as safe as hospital births in other studies. In an attempt to spin Doctor, the group that published this study (in the heat of a public debate and legislature in New York City) did not focus on planned home births, but rather all home births.

Why is that a problem?
Because lumping in emergent situations or people who accidentally gave birth at home, or gave birth without a medical professional present in with people who researched, studied, and planned a birth at home with a medical professional is just foolish.

There should be two completely different studies.
One study focusing on the accidental home births, which no doubt would result in a three times higher risk of neo natal death.
And one study focusing on planned home births with medical professionals.
The problem is, the study on planned home births will not yield the alarming neo natal death results they want in the public eye. Which would not prove the hysterical point they are trying to make about home births being so “dangerous”.

A couple awesome posts proving why this study does not yield appropriate results?

Amy Romano, Midwife and awesome writer (who taught locally at the Yale School of Midwifery this last semester) wrote a blog called Meta-analysis : The Wrong Tool (wielded improperly)

Jennifer Block, Birth Advocate, Writer, and Author of Pushed wrote another awesome article about it too titled AJOG Home Birth Study Political?

The Big Push For Midwives made a press release also regarding this study.  All great reads.  Many other birth related organizations including CIMS (the coalition for Improving Maternity Care) also spoke out.
Just going to how how many true professionals in the field know the horrible inaccuracies being shared through this fly by night study.

(Other news articles on the planned home birth as safe as hospital birth)
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