What news, magazines or apps are you reading to stay current

Today, I had planned to post a blog about something really fun for my kids but after dealing with a terrible twos tantrum, colic and then a 5-year old meltdown, I felt the need to write about something more pertinent for parents. As I was compiling my list, I decided that I would also ask other parents what they were reading so that I wouldn’t have a skewed list.

Note many of the online newspapers, have a breaking news section that you can subscribe to. Definitely subscribe if it’s a requirement of your work, so that you are not caught unawares in a professional setting, “what do you mean Gaddafi was captured several hours ago?”

Here goes my list:

1. The Week. I love this magazine, it comes out every weekly (duh) and it provides a really good summary of international news (political, economic, celebrity gossip, real estate). And get this it is international, so it works for moms all over. I am not very good at keeping up with the news especially when I have just had a baby so this is a must-subscribe. It comes out in print.

2. The New Yorker, a lot more intellectual and more in depth than the Week, really good mental aerobics. If you are ‘starved’ for intellectual debate and also enjoy a run down on the art scene, this is a great magazine for your coffee table.

3. The Economist – I generally scan the contents page, and I always look for things in the finance section (since I totally dig this), and then news related to Africa and Europe (which I feel that I cannot keep on top of watching US news). A great read….and really dissects complex market issues nicely.

4. The New York Times – My cheat sheet would be to read the headlines of the top news stories. I always scan the business section. If you really don’t have time to do any of this, then, go over to the list of ‘most emailed stories’

5. The Huffington post – this is a favorite amongst the parents that I surveyed. (www.huffingtonpost.com)

6. The financial times – fabulous for work

7. The daily beast – does a great summary of news events, perfect if you don’t have time at work or stay at home. Plus it has a super cheat sheet of all the day’s news.

8. Podcasts such as NPR (listen to it first thing in the morning). These are the best, and can be listened to on the way to work or when your kids are watching TV or before you go to bed. I like BBC listener (you can pick the sections that you are interested in and save interviews).

9. Slate – this is like the daily beast only better. Plus it does a great job of sectioning out top stories by most liked, most read, the slatest (or the top stories of the day)…so you are abreast of the news, if you are pressed for time. And it has podcasts. (Slate political gabfest and double-x factors are highly recommended once a week).

10.  Twitter: Pick a favorite journalist and follow him/her through the day, its like having a personal journalist update you once a day.

Though not on my least, but still newsworthy (I just didn’t include them coz well because, I already had my top 10: Washington Post and Jezebel.com).

Good luck keeping up!