What No One Ever Tells You About Your Aging Parents

The biggest shock I had in caring for my Mom in her last years was how incredibly mean and unreasonable she got.  She always had a tendency for outbursts of anger than could swoop and dive into and out of batshit crazy. 

Mom and I in happier times, before aging and raging took over.

But there was something different as her body was breaking down during the last few years. It was constant, unrelenting, and something no one had ever prepared me for.

There had never been any point in my life when I could argue with my Mom.  When her rage boiled over, she’d scream at me that anger was a sin. Read that sentence again.  I noticed when she did it to my dad, he just wouldn’t engage when her self-hatred made her lash out.

Surprisingly, that never occurred to me. Either as a teenager or when caring for my Mom at home in the years before she died.  Read more.


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