I Quit Drinking and Expected Applause

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When I first quit drinking and told people about it, I had three typical responses:

Apathy: many people really didn't care either way. Either they weren't close enough to me to realize I had a problem, or were unaffected by it. For the most part, their own relationships to alcohol were such that they didn't really think very much about addiction.

Disdain/Fear: Some people insisted that I didn't have a problem at all and was being somewhat reactionary. As a result, I think they were suddenly concerned about how I would view their drinking habits. (aka - if I didn't have a problem and thought I did, would I look at them and decide they did as well?) There are the same people who suddenly don't know how to invite me out with them, because they suddenly realized how many activities revolve around drinking.

Distrust: Because I'd promised and promised already, some people who were close to me just didn't trust me to follow through on this new promise.

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