What Nobody Tells You About Bringing Twins Home

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[Editor's Note: I know that I wasn't prepared in any way for what it was like to bring home a newborn. Despite what people chose to share, it was nothing like what I expected. 'Ssippi Scoop recently wrote a post about what it's like to bring twins home -- which is a must read if you're expecting multiples or planning to help out a friend or relative when they bring their new babies home. It's hard, it's not what you'd expect and she's here to give you some advice. Take it. -Jenna]

What Nobody Tells You About Bringing Twins Home:

david and isaac's footsiesHere are a few more things I'm going to include in my book when I write it:

1. You don't just have one baby to get on a schedule. You have TWO! Which sometimes means TWO different schedules, which sometimes means double the time you are spendingwake at night losing precious sleep that you are going to need come daylight. (Yes, Mandy, I know you told me to keep them both on the same eating schedule and I'm trying.) But what no one tells you is that one baby might wake up every 4 hours to eat and the other can go 6-7 hours at night without waking to eat. What do you do? Do you wake up a soundly sleeping baby just to keep them on the same schedule and ruin them maybe learning to sleep trough the night, or do you just let that baby go? I have chosen to let that baby go, which means instead of being up every 4 hours with 2 babies, I'm up every 4 with 1 and every 6-7 with the other. You do the math. Up and down all night long.

For those with twins (or more!), what was your experience like when you came home with your newborns?

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