Combs That Cut Hair, Bad American Apparel, Itchy Groin Cream, Spanx for Men: What Not to Buy Your Man for Father's Day

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Oh, Father's Day. That delightful time of year during which moms find themselves frantically running around purchasing neckties/golf accessories/"#1 Dad!" shirts for the father of their kid(s), even if he: is a deep sea fisherman/doesn't play golf/is, tops, the #3 Dad out there . And let's not forget the annual Crafting of the Bookmarks. This was apparently the Father's Day gift of choice back in the day (in the view of the teachers in my elementary school, anyway) and each and every year, we made them for our dads. Oftentimes, they were in the SHAPE of a necktie. I kid you not.

All of this got me thinking about Father's Day gifts. Not actual, useful ones -- gracious, no! -- but other bad presents. I mean, yes, the ties are -- at this point -- synonymous with the day, but I think it's time to shake things up, and expand the terrible Father's Day gift repertoire a bit, don't you? And so, without further ado ...

Father's Day Gifts Guaranteed to Make Your Man Say "Whuck?"

1. Spanx for men! -- (A) These exist. (B) I'm sorry, did I say Spanx? I meant "compression garments."

2. Ed Hardy ... uh, stuff ! -- Admittedly, I could've simply left this at "Ed Hardy ANYTHING," and the point would still be made. That being said: OMG ED HARDY MAKES SEXYTIME THINGS, YOU GUYS.

3. Delicare! -- Okay, I'll admit it. Yes, this totally deserves to be on the list in its own right, but also? You kind of just need you to watch the commercial:

4. This outfit from American Apparel! It's perfect for playing catch with your kids, or ... lounging angstily on a rock.

5. Barber Magic! Yes!  What dad WOULDN'T want to comb and cut his hair at the same time? A winning idea, if ever there was one.

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What's the worst Father's Day gift you've ever given/received?



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