A Very Important College Tour Tip for Moms

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[Editor's Note: If you have a high school senior touring colleges this year, you know that the college tours are an important aspect of choosing what campus is the right fit. You also know how important it is to put your best foot forward on these tours. That's why Christy at Where I Am shared a very, very important tip for moms taking their teens to visit university campuses. Now you can't say you weren't warned! -Jenna]

What Not to Do on a College Tour:

stuck behind the tourMonday’s college tours proved interesting. The one school I had no interest in Michael attending turned out to be the most appealing, and the school I was sure he’d pick proved a tad problematic. We have tons of information to sift through and a bunch of financial questions to answer (like who in the world has $40,000/year to pay for college?). But as a service to my friends who have children slightly younger than Michael, I’d like to provide the one piece of advice I wish I’d had before I went on those two campus tours Monday.

Do. Not. Wear. Heels.

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