What Not to Do with Goats in the Yard

Things NOT to Do With Goats in the Yard

Having these goats at the house has been fun, but there are limits to their cuteness. There are some things that one just can't do when there are goats in the yard.

Here are few things I just can't manage with goats in the yard:

  1. Hang laundry on the clothesline. They keep jumping on it, leaving nasty, muddy hoof prints behind them.
  2. Garden. Holy cow. They eat the flowers as well as the weeds. Then, they step on what they haven't eaten.
  3. Eat. Dr. Phil would have a blast berating these moochers.
  4. Laugh loudly. At least unless you don't mind being answered with shrill, boisterous, astoundingly loud bleating.
  5. Ignore them. They will not be ignored, Daniel. (But they won't boil your rabbit if you try.) It's not every day that you see a goat in the yard, and our neighbors have certainly taken polite notice.
  6. Drink. They are worse than a toddler at knocking over drinks.
  7. Hide. They will find you.
  8. Keep a straight face. Goats are funny.


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