What Not To Name Your Business

Hi, I'm Jen, and I'm the owner and founder of The Girl People Call for Marketing Stuff.

Not the best name for my freelance marketing biz, I agree. Others agree too. Just last week my friend and sometime business partner Kathryn and I met with a new client. While the meeting went well, the client didn't seem overly impressed with the fact that neither Kathryn nor I had a business identity/name/brand...or even a business card.

So that night I got to brainstorming and I turned to the skies for inspiration. Actually, to the birds. I decided my marketing business should be named after some impressive feathered creature; a bird that is nimble, keen and soars high! Isn't that what you want in a marketing company, after all?

That line of thinking landed me at allaboutbirds.org. A website I found most...disturbing.

Grouse, Bobolink, Titmouse, Gnatcatcher, Shrike, Wood-Pewee and Bushtit. What the what?

Who in the world made up those names? Someone who spent too much time alone in the woods, that's who. I'm picturing an 17th-century version of Jim Carrey's character in Dumb and Dumber.

Clearly I needed to look elsewhere for inspiration. What else did I wish to convey with my business name? Perhaps that I'm current and edgy...someone who's on top of trends.

That line of thinking landed me at urbandictionary.com. Business name contenders from that site include:

Mackadelic, Jawsome, Brain-Chow, Bang-On and Crackalackin.

What do you think?


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