5 Extra Things to Pack for #BlogHerFood15

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#BlogHerFood15 is almost here and I'm starting to think about what to pack. While I pack pretty much everything mentioned in the conference guide, here are a few extra things I'll be tossing in my suitcase.

5 Things to Pack for #BlogHerFood15Credit: Pixabay

Extra Duffle Bag

I think it's fair to assume you'll be leaving #BlogHerFood15 with a bit more in your luggage than when you arrived. There will be swag. We'll be visiting Eataly where you will be tempted to buy all the things. Maybe your BFF (Best Foodie Friend) will be bringing you a special treat. It's entirely possible these things are not going to be TSA carry-on compliant.

What I often do is rock it carry-on style on the way to a BlogHer Food conference with a small hard-sided suitcase but I make sure to slip in a small zippered duffle bag. On the way home I'll pack up my suitcase with anything that can't be taken as carry-on and check it. Sometimes I've needed to put some clothes in the duffle bag and take that on as carry-on. Sometimes I've had enough space. It's definitely a nice-to-have item.

Sharpie Pens

You can write on all but the shiniest of business cards with Sharpie Pens. Or, if you are like me, you can write that super important note on your hand and know it won't smear off.

Power Strip

One of the best ways to make friends at any blogging conference is to a sit down at a table near a power outlet and pull out a power strip. Then allow people to share this magical bounty. You get bonus points if your power strip is one with USB slots. This is also really useful if you are rooming with a bunch of friends. Hotels have gotten way more generous with outlets but it's challenging to find enough outlets for three to four BlogHers and all their tech in a single room.

Resealable Padded Wine Bags

So let's say a friend has brought you a gift. Or you bought yourself some olive oil at Eataly. Or maybe you and your roommates bought some wine for the hotel room and didn't have a chance to drink it. (What? It's theoretically possible.) No matter what it is, you don't want it to smash in your luggage. Resealable plastic wine bags are an excellent solution. Just remember you'll need to check your bag on the flight home!

A Coat

While we always suggest people bring an extra layer for cold conference rooms—trust us, they really do get chilly—you'll want to pack an extra outside layer for Chicago. If you've never been to Chicago before, it's a fabulous city filled with fun things to do. I urge you to get out and explore but you'll enjoy the city, and the wonderful treats is has in store for you, much more if you are appropriately dressed for the weather.

Have fun, travel safe, and I can't wait to see everyone at #BlogHerFood15.

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BlogHer Community Manager Karen Ballum also blogs at Sassymonkey.ca.


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