What part of you is in hibernation?

Monday night I had my first class in a series called Mothering Sons at Birth Roots in Portland. It was amazing.  It was also amazing that despite all the craziness that has made up this month and week that I was able to get there, but I did and I'm so grateful to have joined such a great group.  What was truly so needed for me right now was to just sit and talk with other moms who get what I'm saying or at least listen, laugh, and don't judge... One of my favorite takeaways from the class came in the first few minutes when we were asked to introduce ourselves; one of the questions was "What part of you is currently in hibernation."  Awesome question for a group of tired moms of many active and spirited boys:-)

My first answer was to say my clean and organized self (which is true).. My house in its current state is no reflection on how I'd ideally want to present... its cluttered, definitely not as clean as I want and the decorator in me is without a doubt in hibernation.  I've some how come to terms with the fact that rug spills, sharpie on the furniture, faded chairs, paisley curtains, and countless un matching kid furniture is ok. As I continued to think about this after class, I began to think about other parts of me in hibernation... For one, my fashion and style is also mostly in hibernation, as demonstrated by my current and typical un-showered yoga pant wearing self.  Though I'm still fairly relaxed, I'd say my carefree nature has been put in hibernation as well, along with my love for reading, (didn't even open this month's book club book) but hopefully that one is very temporary...I know there's more, but you get the picture :-)

Funny enough, it isn't discouraging me to talk about this, because like everything, I know its a phase in my life.. :-) Its actually a really great phase that has brought out so many new sides of me.  And, the good news is that as my littlest guy gets older, I'm feeling like less of me is hibernation than it has been in years.  I've been doing things for myself, reviving parts of me that at one time or another have been in hibernation.. This was just a good reminder to not loose yourself in your parenting journey. 

Would love to hear from you! What part of you is in hibernation?  Are you working on reviving any piece of it? 

Thanks as always for reading!




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