What Path Will I Take Today?

I was doing so well and now I am not.  When I travel this next week, I want my legs to look on the leaner side of things like they were when I was really going to the gym, but now I fear they will look like elongated pudge balls.  Of course, I've been fighting one virus after another for a full three weeks and I suppose that takes its toll.  I understand that.  And I can use the observations of myself during this time as fodder for the future, but it's getting tiring.

Yesterday I made Butterfingers.  Today was going to be Thin Mints.  When I got up to make them I realized we did not have any mint so I decided to subsitute almond.  It's not the same, but that didn't keep me from eating.

And as I finished off my trial Thin Mints (which will work well for something where I need to bring something), I thought to myself, "I prefer something more savory".  And on that note, I proceeded to eat a number of crackers with cheese.

I didn't binge or eat tooooo much, but I didn't leave myself a lot of room for eating extravagently this evening.  

And I haven't exercised at all.  I'm coughing, but you know - I think a really good stretch would be liked by my body.  And yet I haven't done it.

But this day is only part way through.  There are possibiities for improvement.  And yet, I always seem to fall apart as the day progresses. 

I'd love for a friend to come over and say, "FatCat, Get your butt moving.  Take a much-needed shower and go to the gym for 40 minutes while I enjoy playing with your kids."  I'd hem and haw and feel guilty about the dog hair all over the floor, but I'd do it.

The thing I'm learning very slowly is that if I want to be healthy, I'm really going to need to create super strong velcro hooks that keep me going to the gym or exercising at home or going for long walks.  For now, with this dang cold and cough and icy streets, I'll give myself a break and observe how I fall apart, but I sure wish I'd be up and healthy sooner.   Or maybe I won't - maybe I really do need to make myself stretch or do pilates or just DO something so that I can't sit and wallow in my unstimulated crabby feeling body.



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