What is a Perfume Sillage? {Perfume Language & Fragrance Words}

"Sillage" is the French term for "trail".  It designates the olfactory impression left behind one's person who is wearing a fragrance thanks to the lastingness of the scent, or even better, when a sillage was explicitly designed to leave its signature as the extension of a person, weaving its seductive, serpentine path. If today, eclectism in fragrance wearing is encouraged, for persons who wear a "signature fragrance" as it is called, a sillage becomes the memory and personality of that person. 

If many words in perfumery are borrowed from music, sillage comes from maritime terminology designating the wake of a ship. It is pronounced see-ya-j (as in Nicki Minaj). In French "sillage" can be used metaphorically not just for a scent, but also for auditive and visual impressions. It is the trace of something which is perceived in an impressionistic way...

Read more at http://www.mimifroufrou.com/scentedsalamander/2013/12/sillage_perfume_vocabulary_1.html#LEWd2CLUmmzwWeTO.99

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