Separated at Birth: 'Sons of Anarchy' and Capitol Hill Politicians

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While watching this week's episode of Sons of Anarchy, I couldn't help but think I was watching a session of Congress. The biggest difference I noted was that the characters on SOA were much better looking and infinitely more likeable than politician, but that's just me.

Sons of Anarchy via FX Network
Image: FX Networks

Capitol Hill politicians are just like SAMCRO in these ways:

  • They make deals that further their immediate needs, the needs of the public and those around them become secondary - SOA has guns, prostitution and bribery; politicians have lobbyists.
  • Both First Ladies think they have a right to tell you how to raise your kids.
  • They have a hard time keeping track of their lies.
  • Everything they do will blowback on innocent people, or at least prevent them from accessing the Obamacare site.
  • They sit around big tables banging gavels, typical male BS.
  • Members typically avoid jail through the elaborate use of smoke and mirrors.
  • They have great rides - motorcycles and limos.
  • Their moral compass broke a long time ago.
  • Back door deals are commonplace, sometimes they will threaten your back door to get their way.
  • Once you're in, it's hard to get out; and I'm not talking about your backdoor.
  • They have very short memories when it comes to the questionable things they have done, but long memories when it comes to the missteps of others.
  • They will protect themselves from bad press at all costs.
  • "Not in my backyard" works for both of them, dump the dog shit on someone else's lawn as long as the money rolls in.
  • Older men. Man, I love Tig and Chibs.

On the flip side, traits SAMCRO has but politicians don't:

  • SAMCRO is there when they need you, and when you need them.
  • Bipartisanship - they are constantly working with the other side to get things done.
  • They don't hurt women and children, unless you are a purveyor of child porn.
  • You screw up, you are out. Period.
  • A bigger pool of candidates to choose from when one leaves the table.
  • The naked backside, frontside, any side of Jax Teller/ Charlie Hunnam.
  • Venus - the real definitions of tolerance and acceptance would be quickly realized. If not, she would distract them with her boobs.
  • They present a united front. Bickering stays in the boardroom, and they settle it with a beat down. I think this should be implemented with Congress immediately.
  • Somehow, the shit never sticks to the President's shoes. You see how clean Jax's sneakers are?

That's all I got. Anyone else have any similar observations?

Oh wait, here's one more:

Sons of Anarchy via FX Network
Image: FX Networks

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