What is a powerful mother?

In my quest for the voice of powerful women and mothers on the web,I was not finding what I was looking for. So, I had to create it.Does anyone talk about how to be a powerful woman?Or a powerful mother?First, let’s start with defining what is a powerful woman.


Here’s my definition:Let’s start with what it is NOT:

It is not a super-hero.It is not ‘anti-man’It is not ‘do it alone.’It is not ‘look at me’.it is not ‘I’m better than you.’It is not ‘only for those other women.’It is not ‘oh, you can’t talk to her.’

It is not ‘I would rather be liked.’It is not ‘that’s for someone else.’It is not a ‘macho woman.’It is not about a gender preference.It is not a certain look.It is not for celebrities, or wrestlers.It is not for people who are too seriousor who cannot take a joke.

It is not only for politicians.It is not only for women who have been through hell and back.It is not boring.It is not for people only interested in the Super Bowl, andthe next white sale at Mervyn’s.It is not Polly-Anna, feel good.It is not ‘oh she’s too hard.’

What it is:A woman who makes a powerful difference in the lives of others.That by her actions; she has moved lives around her forward in a direction where all people can have the life they want, and choose powerfully.That her life is an inspiration to others, and the people she touch, including her children’s will be in such a way that they have a life worth living.

That all people have human rights, food, and shelter and joy. That everyone around her knows they can make a difference, because she does.She is not afraid of what others say or do. She takes a stand for herself and others. She makes changes,invents new possibilities where there are no possibilities. She lives large, and yeah-she can be in charge.

She creates leaders around her.She is a demonstration of a life that works. She believes in miracles, she has space for everyone. There is no one left out.Her body is her temple, and her mind is her sanctuary. She is herself, and others see themselves in her.She brings out the greatness in everyone around her, and is the first to make fun of herself.And above all, she is clear it is not about her. It is about you.

This is my definition of a powerful woman and mother. What’s yours?


See my list of Powerful Mothers here: http://www.BobbiMillerMoro.com 


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