What precautions do you take for personal safety at home?

The other day I wrote about precautions I take as a single homeowner.  I try not to go nutty or anything, but I try to use common sense to keep my home secure.

Until last year I also had a dog but sadly she died so now there's no Cujo-like barking whenever the doorbell rings.  Daisy was always good for putting a scare into people, but unfortunately, the minute they got to know her they realized she was as likely to bite them as a marshmallow.

One of my neighbors has one of those really frightening dogs I remember from when I was growing up.  He looks like a cross between a boxer and a rottweiler and whenever his elderly owner walks him, I make sure to get out of their way.

It would have to be one really dumb burglar to break in to a house with the "hounds of hell" barking that comes out of that animal.  I'd say my neighbor has nothing to worry about.

What precautions do you take for personal safety at home?  Take our poll and tell us.



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