What’s in an R? Rice, Ryan, Rubio, Romney repeal and replace!

The letter R is popular these days. From Rice to Ryan,  Rubio to Romney and repeal and replace. Ms. Rice’s speech did not move me. Although most commented she was awesome, she seemed out of place there as she looked out into the crowd and barely saw anyone who looked like her. Regarding Ryan, a friend once told me, “Never tell a lie that can be easily checked.” Mark Rubio spoke more of his immigrant parents than the man he would introduce. Did he forget it was Romney’s night?

Romney’s Rhetoric: His energy was more than I had ever seen before. He seemed human for a time while talking about his parents.  What woman wouldn’t want a rose every day? However, when he spoke of my gas bill reaching $50, the previous owner of my home taking a loss or my coworker’s husband losing his $22.50 job with benefits and taking two $9 an hour job; I wondered: How would Romney know? He only hears about the typical American experience but never experienced the effects of this economy.

We should celebrate success not apologize for success is one of his best lines. Success comes in more than a business. Success is a teacher teaching a 3rd grader how to read. Success is purchasing a new home. Success is the first one in your family to graduate from college. Success is Mark Rubio and Condi Rice.

On the other hand, Romney’s tribute to women was commendable.  I wonder did he seize the moment (the RNC) to attempt to connect with us. As a Veteran, I waited for Romney to commit to the needs of Veterans.  He never once mentioned the word Veteran unless I missed it. Instead, the 12 million jobs he promised (America is not a business) without a plan will fade away to the rhetoric of Clint Eastwood’s calculating smugness of the President. Clint Eastwood did not make my day. Talking to an empty chair? Pretending that the President of the United States was sitting there reminds me of a child with an imaginary friend.

Repeal, Replace: Finally, Romney said he would repeal and replace Obama Care. I have no problem with Romney’s repeal if he replaces it with a plan comparable or better. Can we move on to the letter S?




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