'What superpower would you choose?' 'The ability to not feel tired all the time.'

My church's young adults' small group has a tradition of asking a silly icebreaker question, like "How do you eat your carrots?" or "What genre would your life's movie be?" But sometimes, they do yield some poignant answers. Case in point: last week we asked what superpower each of us would want, and after the usual teleportation/flying/super-strength answers, one woman answered, "I'd like to not be tired all the time."

This garnered sympathetic nods around the room, especially later, when she explained during our prayer request time that after coming home from work every day she often felt too exhausted to play with her new puppy. And then she would end up feeling guilty because they'd just adopted their dog. She wasn't alone - all of the women in our group agreed that we needed constant prayer about our struggle to prioritize God while feeling tired all the time.

I know it usually gets easier with time, but as a newlywed, I don't know how the moms do it, especially when juggling children, a home to fix up, and a full-time career.

I don't have any young 'uns and already I feel overwhelmed after just a few months of marriage. I come home from work every day and if we're not cooking and fixing up the house, or doing stuff for church, we're running out to the store to get groceries or other stuff for the house. My husband even does more than his fair share, and still I feel like I have had zero time to even look at the thank-you cards from our wedding a few months ago (of which I'm supposed to be in charge). I have good intentions when I sit down in front of the TV with my cards in hand, but usually it ends with me dozing off while watching 30 Rock. Weekends are a complete writeoff as they're usually taken up by preparing for Sunday School, church, hanging out with our young adults' group and so on. I love them, I thank God for them and I always enjoy myself but at the end of the day, boy, am I tired!

I can't even begin to imagine how moms do it, while managing to send out the Christmas cards on time, plan amazing meals and the whole enchilada. That's why I give amazing props to my mother-in-law, who did it all with her two kids and a full-time job and responsibilities at church, while a single mom. Truly a woman to look up to.

I know it gets a little easier with experience, but it seems that once you settle into married life, if you decide to have little ones then it's a whole new kettle of fish, and on and on. I guess it's a matter of time management, which I've never been great at, so it's all just amazing to me.

So I'd like to know, how do you moms do it?


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