What is Supima Cotton? It's Your Favorite Shirt, Towel and Bedding!

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What is Supima Cotton? Well apparently, it's an American premium-grown cotton that's stronger and more durable than regular cotton and even Egyptian cotton. Many top designers and retailers use it in their collections, from Calvin Klein to Lands Ends. Basically, it's that t-shirt you always love to wear because of how soft it is, yet durable enough to last through tons of washes and its that bed sheet you enjoy sleeping on for hours upon hours.

Although Supima is probably more well known amongst fashion circles, this fabric is used is just about everything in our house. I didn’t realize it before until I spoke with Buxton Midyette, VP of Marketing & Promotions for Supima (Q+A after the jump) that Supima is usually incorporated in your favorite item. And as a mother, you buy items for their quality because it will last longer and you want the best for your kids.

Buxton isn’t a mother, but he is a father, so he shares many of the same worries as me. Check out my Q+A with him below.

Question: How do designers shop for Supima?
We find that designers who are seeking the softest and lightest fabrics that hold color are the ones who seek out Supima cotton fabrics.


Q: Why should consumers care about Supima?
B: I can tell you from a parent's perspective that quality matters in everything I purchase — from my daughters’ clothes to the sheets they sleep on, quality matters. Supima products provide comfort without compromising durability which for my three girls at home are invaluable qualities in every item I purchase for them. I’ve learned that the best quality fabrics begin with the best cotton.  Whether Supima is in a towel, sheet or knit top, it makes all the difference. 

Supima is soft, it's strong, and it holds color.  My home fashion and apparel items made with Supima were my favorites before I even knew what Supima was and now after learning first hand I know they are destined to become everyone’s favorites as well. Some of your favorite household items are most likely already made with Supima cotton.

Q: What difference does Supima make in quality and durability?
B: Supima cotton is 30% longer than regular cotton.  Longer fiber creates stronger smoother yarns (two times as strong as regular cotton) which create softer and more durable high-thread-count sheets and knits.   Also since Supima yarns are stronger and smoother they require less twist which means less shrinkage. So the Supima t-shirt or polo you love to wear won't tear and rip as easily as other garments. Even years later after several washes, the shirt will look, feel and fit the same as when you originally purchased it.

In terms of strength, don't let Supima's softness fool you! A hundred years ago it was used as an industrial fiber in items like Goodyear tire cords and fire hoses. Supima is strong and gets softer and softer over time, and that's one of the reasons why your clothes and bed sheets made with Supima cotton will last after years of washing.

For more information about Supima's history and retailers, visit www.AllAboutSupima.com. Don't forget to follow our Social Media Insider, as she helps others uncover "unexpected" experiences that identify how Supima may already be part of your favorite necessities, at Twitter.com/Supima, Facebook.com/Supima and Supima.Tumblr.com

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