What Suze Orman Doesn't Know

I admire Suze Orman. She's one of the best writers about financial information. Her writing is clear and conversational; the information accurate and easy to understand. I recommend her books to the women who take my seminars.

I’ve included her books as part of the suggested reading list in my book “Don’t Worry about a Thing, Dear “- Why Women Need Financial Intimacy.

However, Suze, by her own description, has never been in a relationship with a man. She’s never been held hostage by the cultural forces that millions of women experience in relationship to their husband. She’s never been legally bound to a man who raises his voice in anger, stonewalls his wife, refuses to share financial information with her or blocks her access to marital financial records. She is never in financial danger because someone else is making decisions without her knowledge. 

Suze never raised children; her nurturing instincts as a mom weren’t tested by children whom luck or life dealt a raw deal and now they expect mom to bail them out. She is a free agent, unencumbered by the cultural and emotional baggage that millions of women experience as wives and mothers. 

It's easy for Suze to provide financial information and millions rely on her advice. What's harder is for married women to act on her advice, especially in the nine community property states, where a woman's financial well-being is legally and financially entwined with her husband. Few things will stop a woman from asking for financial information from a husband who won't share the financial information and snarls, 'Why do you want to know? Are you planning to divorce me?' 

That's when you need advice from women who have been there.

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