What Is Syndication on BlogHer?

Why does BlogHer syndicate the work of women who blog?

BlogHer's mission is to create opportunities for women who blog to pursue education, community, exposure and economic empowerment—including finding and paying for great writing.

What is syndication on BlogHer.com?

We do our best to keep tabs on the blogosphere and highlight the most compelling posts we can find on BlogHer.com. If we syndicate your post, you’ll cross-post it to BlogHer.com and we will put it on our homepage, promote it via our social media channels and pay you $50 for allowing us the honor of running your work. We’ll also provide you with a badge, so that you can tell the world your work was syndicated on BlogHer.com.

I was syndicated on BlogHer.com

How do I send you my posts?

We cannot adequately review entire blogs, so only submissions of individual posts, with URLs provided, will be considered for syndication. Please enter your individual post URLs here:

Please review the guidelines before submitting.

Where do you find the posts BlogHer syndicates?

Besides the syndication form (which is the best, most direct way to submit a post for consideration), we have a variety of methods for finding syndicatable posts. They include:

  • Posts on BlogHer.com. We often will pay for posts that members have already published on BlogHer.com. We see every post that goes on the site.
  • Twitter. When you tweet your URLs, we do peek!
  • The BlogHer Publishing Network. If you’re part of the BlogHer Publishing Network, we review them consistently for possible syndication .
  • Our feedreaders, social media streams, and research. It's part of BlogHer's editors' job to seek out great posts to syndicate.

How long will it take before I know if the post I emailed will be syndicated?

We look at every link sent to us. Due to the volume of submissions, we cannot respond individually to every submission with a yes/no response. We do review all links within two weeks from when you submit them. If we decide to syndicate one of your posts, we will email you directly with further instructions. If you haven’t heard from us in two weeks, please do try again with different individual posts. We have syndicated many posts from writers after multiple submissions that were *not* published.

How do you decide what to syndicate?

The decision is based on what has already been published on BlogHer.com in the past six months, what has already been scheduled in our current and upcoming editorial calendars, and the subject matter, style, and content of each post.

Can I send old posts?

We prefer the posts to be no more than three months old.

Should I email you to see if you saw my email?

Again, we do not have the resources to reply to every individual email, including emails checking on emails. Instead, we do encourage you to simply try again with new posts. As per above, we’ve syndicated work from writers on their third or fourth try because that was the pitch that worked with our editorial calendar. Please don’t be discouraged if your first or sixteenth pitch doesn’t get syndicated. There are so many factors that go into those decisions. Just keep trying.

Can I get syndicated more than once?

Absolutely, though we do try to spread the love around.

What happens to a syndicated post after it leaves the BlogHer.com homepage?

It gets archived on the site.

Will you tweet and Facebook my syndicated post?

We try to promote every syndicated post from the BlogHer accounts.

When will I get paid?

We pay net 45 from the end of the month in which you were syndicated. If you were syndicated in January, for example, you are paid March 15. We need a W-9 for U.S. residents and a full name and address for international bloggers.

Do I have to live in the United States to get syndicated?

No. We’ve syndicated bloggers from Afghanistan, Egypt, Argentina, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Sri Lanka so far.

Do I keep the copyright on my post?

Yes, you keep the copyright. BlogHer licenses rights to republish the post. If your post is syndicated, you will be able to read and review the agreement beforehand.

What if I change my mind after my post is syndicated?

Since we promote our syndicated posts with BlogHer's social media accounts and other marketing venues, we don't unpublish or pull down syndicated posts after their scheduled publication date.