What is there to say about 9/11?

Remembering 9/11 is still so close yet 10 yrs away from us now.  There were memorable services at churches, locally and televised.  We all have a story about how we first heard and all that happened after that first plane hit the first tower.  I had dropped off my daughter at school and returned home.  On tv, they showed the first tower being hit....no one could predict the chain of disaster yet to follow.  Call my husband in his car then saw the second plane hit!  Oh my!  What is happening?  We did not know how horrific  this day would be.  I got ready and went to work early.  I'm a child and adolescent therapist.  I expected cancellations but all the children came for there scheduled appointments.  We kept the tv on in the waiting area and would periodically check in.  The children were all scared and all wanted to discuss what had happened and what might continue to happed.  We were all in shock and disbelief.  All the children wanted to pray that day and actually for days to come. 

Now at 10 yrs later, we remember the lives lost, the families who lost loved ones, those injured, those who helped in oh so many ways and for months on end.  Our world as we knew it changed that day.  There has been healing.  Lives have been restored.  God has blessed.  God was there and is here.  Sure we feel sadness but most of all we feel Joy,  for our Hope is in God's Grace and Promises!

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