What time do your children finish their homework?

The homework routine has definitely changed in the Reese home this year. For the past few years, my kids have spent two to nearly three hours after school at their campus' after-hours program. But now I'm working part-time; I greet them when the bus arrives daily or after their twice-a-week clubs (chess and karate).
It was hit-and-miss last year as to whether or not my then-second grader finished his homework before coming home.
So a new routine is in place this year: Come home, get a snack, sit down and do your homework.
For my now third-grader, homework is his 30 minutes of required reading. My first grader is supposed to do 15 to 20 minutes of reading. Since she doesn't read yet, I sit down and read to her.
Some nights, by the time the snack is done, the reading is done, I examine all the papers in their backpacks and we play with baby sister, it's after 5 and time to prepare dinner. And this week is the first week of clubs, so I'm guessing it'll be closer to 6:30 on those nights.
But they're not done there. My son needs to know his math facts by the end of this year and I want to assist my daughter more with reading. I don't know if they should be assigned more, but I'm adding some nighttime work on my own - whether it's additional reading, doing a math program on the computer or looking up interesting facts (I want to teach my son how to use PowerPoint so we're doing our own "research paper" at home.)
How much homework should kids do after school? I wrote a column about it for the newspaper. I'd love to hear your thoughts! It's so hot outside now, anyway (Valley temps still well above 100!) that they aren't asking to go play. But give it another six weeks, and they may be singing a different tune.
Does anyone out there do "last minute" homework in the morning?

This post originally appeared in the East Valley Tribune's EVMOMS blog.


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