What Toddlers Have To Teach Us About Style.

My toddler wears her fave fashion accessoryThe words “toddler” and “fashion” might seem, well, oxymoron-ish at first glance. After all, toddlers wear whatever they want. Polka dots with stripes, a yellow shirt with lime green and red striped leggings, even a tutu over jeans. It’s all fair game.

But that’s the point. They wear what they like, because they like it, without worrying about what anybody else thinks. When was the last time you applied the same devil may care attitude to your wardrobe choices?

I know I tend to fall victim to the uniform mentality. At the office, everyone wears jeans—including me. Every day, regardless of weather.  In the winter, we wear sweaters. In the summer we wear Ts…under sweaters (it’s cold in the office).

And outside the office? Well, my budget is fairly limited, so I wear the same darn things. Besides, the people I hang out with tend to be card-carrying members of the Jeans Brigade, so  wearing anything else seems pointless.

But you know what? Lately, I’ve found myself taking more and more of an interest in fashion. I’ve been drooling over pretty dresses and stalking well-dressed bloggers like this one.

I want to dress like that.

Sure, sparkly  tights paired with an orange and pink striped skirt like this one might look odd to most of my small town neighbors. But those kinds of styles? Are what make me happy.

And when I’m happy with the way I look, I’m just, well,  happier. More confident. More me.

So I’m going to start taking my cues from my daughter. I’m going to step outside my comfort zone and embrace some more adventurous styles. I might even give leggings a go.

But if I ever leave the house wearing a tutu over my jeans? Feel free to tell me I’ve taken it too far.


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