What type of cook are you?

So, the new year is one week old - how many resolutions have you broken? Did your Dry-uary non-drinking pledge hit a stumbling block at the weekend? Did you lose track of how many calories you were counting once they hit double digits? Did you have an unfortunate episode with Lycra that's put you off ever associating with it in public again?

I would never claim to be some kind of health guru, but over the years I've noticed something remarkable: for most people, a healthy lifestyle isn't about making drastic changes. It doesn't take a genius to see that the harder-to-achieve the goal, the higher the propensity for failure.

Sure, there are astounding weight-loss stories and anecdotes about people improving everything from their career prospects to their marital harmony just by sticking to a regular gym routine. But do you actually know any of these people in real life?

We can all stand to get more exercise, drink more water, get more sleep and eat a more balanced, sustainable, locally sourced, seasonal, ethical, organic, GMO-free, non-processed, home-cooked diet of cancer-fighting foods.

But if you feel tired just thinking about it, why not try something simpler instead: reacquaint yourself with your kitchen. That's right. If it's really the 'heart of the home,' why not put it to use? Cut back on all that fast food, save those lingering dinners out for special occasions and you might just be amazed at how a better diet falls more easily into place - not to mention home cooking's associated benefits to the waistline and wallet.

And if you can't remember what the inside of your oven looks like or the last time your fridge held more than rosé and Chinese takeout boxes, try this little quiz to help you rediscover your love for gourmet cooking or embrace your acceptance of the TV dinner.


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