What Valentine Means At 30 & Beyond

Me and my husband have been together for 11 years now, and the years we spent in courtship have etched cherished memories that will stay with us for the entire lifetime. Unfortunately, as you transform from lovers to parents, its hard to find time to create those special moments and occasions that explicitly say I Love You! I'm sure most couples would find themselves in our shoes, but I would just like to tell them that Romance never dies, in fact, it is something that grows deeper with each passing day. It may cease to be the highlight of your relationship, but it will always be the cornerstone of the everlasting bond between two people.

As parents of a 6-month old, we often find each other taking care of the little on, while the other strives to get some things done around the house, and there's hardly time to talk to each other, before we flop onto our beds, trying to catch the highly elusive sleep before our tiny-tot demands attention. Gone are the days when we used to spend hours at a gift-shop, trying to pick out the perfect card and gift for each other, and spend another few hours penning down romantic thoughts and rhymes in the card! That era seems like a distant memory, and yet we always try to steal those magical moments from the hands of time, just to show our love, by thoughts, words or actions!

Don't let love become a back-burner in life; Here are some simple ways to show your mate that you care!

Read on for Simple Ways to Say I Love You! Its never too late to show your love, nor is it as hard as you think!


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