What Vision Boards, BlogHer '13 and Sheryl Sandberg Have In Common

We were halfway through the year when one of my vision board besties posted a status check on Facebook. She happily admitted that many of her magazine clippings had already come to fruition and wanted to know our experiences thus far. In no time, the other two ladies shared all the great stuff that had transpired in their lives as well.

I read the post when I was tagged and the additional comments that followed. I was happy for them.

Then, I closed Facebook.

I had nothing to share.

Being creatives, many of their pictures included taking their art to another level. In less than six months, they'd published books, recorded CDs, were gifted guitars and their popularity in the spoken word arena had greatly increased.

What was I going to say? All I had was a board with pictures.

The Law of Attraction obviously worked for three out of the four of us. So, I couldn't say the process didn't work. Besides, I know for a fact it works.

There just had to be something I missed. So, I thought and thought and came up with something along these lines...

" I think we've missed something here. A class needs to be offered called The Fear Between You and Your Vision and anyone that completes a vision board should be required to take the class. The door of opportunity will always be open but the walking is up to us. I needed to take that class."

BlogHer '13 and Sheryl

In a another month or so, BlogHer '13 happened and, with my vision board no longer a thorn in my side, I went to Chicago with thousands of other bloggers.

There was food and classes and panelist and parties. Then more food, additional classes, Guy Kawasaki, an Exhibit Hall - that was like a party - and then Sheryl Sandberg took the stage.

See, I'd written a post on Sheryl's TED Talk several years prior so I was familiar with, sold on and a living breathing example of her message. You could say, I'm a fan.

Still being in corporate America (CA) myself and having leapt from a higher rung, I knew first hand the lack of lean in she spoke of. And, as she left the stage and joined my table, I got to laugh and talk to the woman behind the title.

Group#TeamLeanIn BlogHer '13

Coming Clean

When we have an opportunity to speak to someone who, to us, has the power to change our world we have the tendency to fluff our feathers in preparation for display. As one "in a single bound" accomplishment rolls off  of our tongue after another, we strategically monopolize the conversation hoping to say something that will make the greatness in whose presence we are in say, with enthusiasm, YOU'RE HIRED!

Well, good luck on that when talking to Sheryl.

First of all, after her interview on stage, she sat in the audience while a PhD'd member for her team introduced, explained and demonstrated a typical Circle meeting. Circles are small peer groups that meet regularly to learn and share together.

And, here's where all of your beautifully manicured plumage loses its flair. We introduced ourselves to the person to our right and that person introduced us to the group.

Then, after being told the rules of the 'game' we participated in a mock Circle meeting by pull from a deck of cards..

From the Circle Kit

Now, after being introduced by someone else and having to answer a question like What do you most regret? the only thing left is truth.

Yeah, you're awesome, you've done some awesome things and you have some really awesome pictures on that there vision board but what, pray tell, causes you to play small?

Why do you back up, sit down and take a pass? What would you do if you weren't afraid?

If I weren't afraid

If I weren't afraid

Here's that fear thing again!

I knew before the six month mark that opportunities from my vision board were presenting themselves and I probably, in excitement, told someone about it. But the conversation I didn't have was the one that kept me from moving forward.

I never told anyone what I was afraid of.

And the same reason I leapt from the rungs of CA was the same reason yet another vision board was not materializing.


Just so you know, I started this post when I returned home from BlogHer but found it too hard to write. I allowed so much time to pass that, after a while, no one was posting about their BlogHer experience. So, I left the original version in Drafts.


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