What Was I Thinking?


These Shoes are Made for Boot Camp!

Growing up, I was super skinny.  I was made fun of and called things like "bird legs." I never had to worry about what I ate.  I didn't really exercise. I always assumed exercise was only for those that wanted to lose weight!

Bird Legs

Then eight years ago, 30 came.  All of the sudden I HAD to worry about what I ate and I knew I SHOULD exercise.  Being married to a doctor made matters worse because he KNEW the truth about exercise and I was then "reminded" that it is good for your health...hint...hint.

But, I always had an excuse. I was in the healthy BMI range.  I was busy. I didn't have time. It was too hot outside.  It's too cold outside.  I just showered and didn't want to sweat.  I'm too scared to walk by myself.  I thought of it all!  We joined a health club and rarely went. That was a waste of money and we canceled our membership.

But now more than ever, I'm realizing that I want to be healthy for years to come.  So, maybe it's time I start doing a better job of exercising!  My sister goes to a boot camp at least  3 days a week for a year now and I always said that wasn't my thing!  I was impressed with her devotion but there was NO way I would ever put myself through that kind of misery!

So, the other day I was reading the church bulletin and saw that our pastor (who is very fit) was going to be leading a boot camp at our church during the month of October.  Well of course I'll sign up.  The money goes to the missions of the church and what a great cause.  That was a few weeks ago.  I even convinced a good friend of mine to sign up with me!  "It will be fun! It's just for one month!"  My kids laughed when I told them I signed up for the boot camp.  The pastor's wife mentioned to my mother that I was thinking of doing the boot camp and my mom thought she was confused. Surely her daughter Debi didn't didn't sign up for a boot camp.

Well, October is here and Monday is the first day of boot camp. What was I thinking?!  I'm out of shape and meant to walk around our neighborhood everyday this week but now that it's Friday, I realize I only did that once!  Oops.  How will I survive a boot camp of all things?  I paid for this?  I am now determined to prove everyone wrong. I WILL make it through the month of October.  You'll see.

So, with my new shoes, I will go to boot camp Monday and pray that because it's at our church, the pastor surely can't YELL at us.


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