The Perils Of Wearing A Flirty Dress


This is how I met one of my closest gal pals.  It was back in the late 1990's when this happened to her.  Her husband was picking her up from the mall and he had a co-worker in the car with him.  The minute he pulled up, the wind blew up her dress.  She didn't realize because her stomach wasn't flat, at the time it was quite large for her size, that her dress was resting on the top of her stomach. She was so embarrassed by her undies and everything exposed for everyone to see, she joined the gym where I worked the very next day.  I guess that was her "aha moment" to lose weight and get in shape. 
Today she is very active and has flat abs, and from time to time, we have a good laugh about what made her join the fitness center. Have you had a wake up call to change your lifestyle?  Do you know anyone who has had a similar "aha" moment? 



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