What Watching Hoarders Does to me

What watching hoarders does to meI'm addicted to these shows.  Totally.  I watch Hoarders: Buried Alive and the other Hoarders show too.  Usually the next day I go into a decluttering rampage.  Today's decluttering is lotions, shampoos, shaving cream and various butters that I haven't used in more than a year.  Ok, so some of it might be 5 years old.  


I'm not a hoarder.  But I do have some collections.  Take this body lotion, butters and shampoo trash for example.  I resolved to myself to not do this anymore, to not buy more shampoo and conditioner until I use what I have.  It never works.  Every single time I go to Walgreens, I leave with shampoo.  Thank goodness I only go to the drugstore a month now.  


Sometimes you just have to stay away to stay sane.  Since attending Blogher, I made a resolution to write and learn every day.  I'm going to attempt to replace my shopping urges with writing.  Wish me luck!  


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